Hello Friends,

My name is Richard Zappe. I’m 58 years old and like most people my age I have become more aware of the need for better health and nutrition options.

While doing studies to educate myself on the potential benefits of consuming nutritional Hemp Oil products containing CBD oil I was astounded by

the history of  Hemp dating back thousands of years  and the why and how that it became banished from use. I followed the money trail and uncovered

a story of greed and evil that dates back over 100 years. A story that protects the financial interests of a few elitist men and their monopolies. These men

succeeded in acquiring massive wealth while polluting the environment and poisoning human kind. Now their offspring wish to sell us their poison drugs and keep known

cures for cancer out of reach!

I am dedicating this site to the education of the common man who seeks truth! If I can make it just a little easier for you to discover this truth than I will have succeeded!



Richard Zappe


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